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B.I.P.® Breast Implant Protector | Minimizing Risk and Complications | Adept-Med

B.I.P.®, Breast Implant Protector

The Simple Solution for Minimizing Breast Implant Risk

The B.I.P.®, Breast Implant Protector is a valuable tool in preventing breast implant complications. It effectively retains breast tissue and shields the implant from nicks and punctures during closure. Plus, it provides added anchorage and retentive power to make closure faster and easier. The pliable, sterile, latex-free material smoothly folds into a soft narrow roll for simple removal and disposal.

3208 B.I.P.® Breast Implant Protector
2" x 3 1/2" (5.1 cm x 8.9 cm)
Packaged 10 per box.

Dimensions ± 0.125"

The B.I.P.®, Breast Implant Protector is manufactured on-site and priced to move. Adept-Med products ship within eight business hours of your order.

For a sterile sample evaluation, please call 800-222-8445.