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Magnatreve® | Preventing Needlestick Injuries | Adept-Med;

The Magnatreve®

The Safe Solution for Needle and Sharps Retrieval

Exposure to bloodborne pathogens from accidental sharps injuries is a serious occupational hazard. The Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act requires employers to use engineering and work practice controls to eliminate or minimize employee exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

The Magnatreve® offers a simple way to promote needlestick safety and operating room infection control protection. It features powerful magnetic heads that travel across a floor or other surface, collecting even the tiniest needles and other small ferrous metal objects.

For a comprehensive list of safety devices, visit the International Healthcare Worker Safety Center.

Increase Operating Room Safety

The Magnatreve® features a smooth rounded surface without crevices where blood and other pathogens might otherwise collect. It is much safer (and faster) than manual clean-up, and it prevents room-to-room contamination when one is provided for each OR suite.

Improve Turnaround Time

The Magnatreve® aids in delivering quick, accurate sharps counts and speeding surgical suite turn-around time. The Magnatreve® comes with free forceps for efficient, hands-free collection. Preventing needlestick injuries has never been easier.

100 Teensy Sweep
8" x 2 1/2" (20.3 cm x 6.3 cm)

103 Hand Held
12" x 7 1/4" (30.5 cm x 18.4 cm)

105 Floor Sweep
36" x 12 1/2" (91.4 cm x 31.7 cm)

Free with Every Order Magnatreve® forceps safely remove sharps from magnetic heads

The Magnatreve® comes in three sizes—all available at direct prices and volume discounts from Adept-Med®.

All orders shipped within eight business hours.

For pricing, please call 800-222-8445.